Horizon Peroxy Destainer (10L)

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Horizon Peroxy Destainer (10L)
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Horizon Peroxy is a peroxide based laundry destainer (10L)

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GREYLAND Limescale Remover RTU (6 x 750ml)

Items delivered with 6 standard caps on the bottles and 2 trigger heads in the box. 

Case of 6 x 750ml. Ready to Use Limescale Remover for use on a variety of washroom surfaces including washbasins, sinks, tiles, cabinets, counter surfaces and tables

Safety Data Sheet

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GREYLAND Triple S Toilet Cleaner (10 x 1 Litre)

10 x 1 litre 

Cleans & descales toilets & other ceramic surfaces. Safe for use on stainless steel. Triple S (1L) utilises a directional nozzle to help you clean right under the rim of the toilet bowl, and a safety cap. 

The Triple S containers are manufactured from 40% UK Post Consumer Recyled (PCR) polymer, and each case is made using 100% recycled cardboard.

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black refuse sacks.jpg

Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks 15kg - 18" x 29" x 38" (200)

Price per case / 200 bags per case

Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks. Suitable for heavy-weight waste up to 15kg. 18” x 29” x 38” (457 x 737 x 965mm)

  • Heavy Duty 
  • 200 bags per case 
  • 18" x 29" x 38"
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