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Adult Drinking Cup with 2 Handles & Lids


Designed to provide additional support for those who may have a weak grip or tremors. Holds up to 350ml of fluid and can be used with or without the lid, it has 2 lid options and can hold either hot or cold Liquids. The cup is fully transparent so you can see how much liquid has been drunk and the handles are fitted on both sides to help with grip. The small spout means that too much liquid isn’t taken in at once.

Suitable for dishwashers and microwave use. Wash all the parts thoroughly before first use. Take care when handling hot liquids due to risk of scalding. Users with reduced capabilities may need further assistance or supervision when using this cup.

  • Made from quality durable plastic, the cup is virtually indestructible so dropping wont cause any breakages
  • The cup and lids are dishwasher safe, and at all temperatures meaning it can be hygienically cleaned.
  • Can be placed in a microwave to warm up cold drinks, and can be carried by the thick plastic handles
  • The light, durable plastic means the mug is much easier to handle than a heavy ceramic or glass alternative.
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Luxura Shampoo Cap (Pack of 5)


Luxura Shampoo Cap - Conditioning & No Rinse - Pack of 5

Our Shampoo Cap offers a convenient alternative to washing your hair in the shower or bath. Open the cap and place it over your hair. Massage your head and scalp for 3 minutes, or until your hair is completely saturated. For longer hair, remove the cap and carefully work through the ends of the hair. A towel can be used to dry your hair if required. When finished, please dispose of the cap and packaging responsibility.

RRP £12.50
Price £9.75
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Prosorb Super Absorbent Disposable Commode/Bed Pan Liners (20/pack)


Pack of 20 Prosorb super absorbent disposable commode liners. Each liner contains a super absorbent pad, that solidifies fluid into gel for easy disposal. They are suitable to use with most commode chair pails and helps to reduce spills, splashes and odour. Pully strings to close the bag, for easy disposal.

  • 9x5" (23x13cm)
RRP £11.75
Price £8.75
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