Kidney Dish Pulp 700ml (300/case)

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Kidney Dish Pulp 700ml (300/case)

Item eligible for vat exemption

£45.00 £35.00
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  • Easily separated
  • Suitable for disposal in any macerator
  • Fits all current dispensers and supports
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PH0002B £35.00 £29.50
Bed Pan Liners Pulp 2000ml (100/case) Item eligible for vat exemption
PH0006B £35.00 £30.00
Bodyguards 1300ml Slipper Pan Liner (100/case) Item eligible for vat exemption
VR102AA100 £45.25 £28.50
Disposable Male Urinals (100) Item eligible for vat exemption
PH0003B £45.00 £35.00
General Purpose Bowl Pulp 1000ml (200/case) Item eligible for vat exemption
Item eligible for VAT exemption.
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PVC Overshoe Covers 14" (100)


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The bedding protection is 100% PVC treated with an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

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