Langton Mobile Open-Toe Table

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Langton Mobile Open-Toe Table
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The Mobile Open Toe Table can be used over furniture to enable users to eat, read or undertake hobbies whilst sitting in a chair or bed. Stability and strength are ensured by a combination of its robust steel construction and Duradip peel-resistant plastic.
The table is adjustable in height and tilt, via strong plastic hand wheels, best suiting the users requirements. This model features four castors for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Tops are easy clean laminated teak with a raised edge on each side to prevent items from falling off
  • Height / tilt adjustment using 2 strong plastic hand wheels, enabling tops to be set at varying heights and angles to suit user requirements
  • Open toe style footprint allows positioning between chair legs
  • Mobile Table has 4 castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • All surfaces are easy to wipe clean

1 year
15kg (33lb)
Black frame & beech top

Dimensions - Basic


Specification - Weights

7kg (15.4lb)

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Overbed Table Standard - 4 Castors


This Table is a handy and economical unit ideal for use in the bedroom or lounge, enabling the user to read, eat, etc. while in bed or sitting in a chair. It comes with separate U shaped legs, which makes it suitable for fitting under chairs and wheelchairs. This four castors model allows for ease of manoeuvring/positioning, with brakes providing extra stability.

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Anti-Slip Slide Sheet - 100 x 100cm


This Anti-Slip Slide Sheet helps patients to rotate and re-position themselves easily in bed. While the slippery material enables easy turning, the sheet’s anti-slip panel prevents the patient from sliding forward or slipping out of bed.

Designed for people with good upper sitting balance only, patients also use the anti-slip glide sheet to get in and out of bed safely and independently. Thanks to the clever design and integration of an anti-slip panel, most users can manoeuvre themselves without support from a carer. Alternatively, dependent patients can use the slide sheet with assistance from a health professional or family member.

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Washable Deluxe Handling Belts - Large (104cm-117cm) - Red


Size: Large 104 x 117cm Colour: Red

Our comfortable and supportive Essential Handling Belt allows caregivers to help patients on the move.

This supportive transfer belt allows a carer to help their patient stand, sit, walk and perform sitting transfers so they can regain their independence. Patients should always feel secure during transfers, which is why this handling belt is designed for ultra-comfortable wear and protection. Carers can simply place the belt around the patient’s waist, adjust to fit and buckle to secure.

Breathable, soft, anti-slip inner lining to shaped webbing handles. The ergonomic, angled handles enable the caregiver to hold the client/patient close without having to hold onto the patient’s clothes, upholding the patient’s dignity. The handles also help carers to maintain a safe posture as they assist patients.

  • Soft, breathable inner fabric for patient comfort
  • Anti-slip lining to uphold patient security
  • Shaped handles designed for all hand sizes to ensure carer comfort
  • Handle position can be altered upon request to improve carer comfort
  • Washable at 71°C to reduce the risk of infection and uphold cleanliness
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • FIM Independence Level: 5–4
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