Longer Length Hygiene Mop Handle 135cm - YELLOW

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Longer Length Hygiene Mop Handle 135cm - YELLOW
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135cm - YELLOW

Available in size 135cm these good quality aluminium handles complete with screw thread fit both our mop range and large selection of brooms. Each handle is supplied with a fitted colour coded grip to help avoid cross contamination. Features screw in handles.

COLOUR KEY- Red: Washrooms & Toilet, Yellow: Food & Serving Preparation, Green: Raw Food Preparation, Blue: Low Risk Basic Cleaning

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

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Vinyl Powder Free Gloves are an excellent alternative to latex gloves for those who are sensitive or allergic to latex.The Powder free design eliminates powder related contamination, whilst the soft feel reduces hand fatigue even after long hours of wearing these gloves.

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Hygiene socket mops are durable, machine washable and super absorbent. The mops are manufactured using high quality synthetic yarns. Fitted with a colour coded socket to help prevent against cross contamination which is compatible with most types of hygiene handles.

These loop ended mops with stay flat band allow more of the mop to remain in contact with the floor, reduce cleaning times and increase productivity. Screw in heads

COLOUR KEY: Red - Washrooms & Toilet, Yellow - Food & Serving Preparation, Green - Raw Food Preparation, Blue - Low Risk Basic Cleaning

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