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Carry Case for Marsden M-600 Hoist Weighing Attachment


The CC-600 is the corresponding carry case to our best-selling Marsden M-600 Hoist Weighing Attachment. This carry case ensures that the scale is well protected during transportation, has resistance from the weather and is encased within a functional design.

  • Well-padded design enables easy and safe use
  • Ideal for use in the wider community by health visitors
  • Zip fastenting for additional safety
Price £60.00
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Marsden M-200 High Capacity Chair Scales (300kg Capacity)



The Marsden M-200 is a premium, high capacity chair scale with an extra wide super-sized seat, useful for weighing bariatric patients, commonly used in surgical wards, care homes and nursing homes. As the chair scale has hinged armseats and footrests this makes it wasier for patients transfers and comfort. 

Choose the M-200 Chair Scale if you are weighing all sizes of patients, including plus size patients. The M-200 provides high accuracy weight readings to Class III Approved medical standards.

The M-200 is very easy to use. Featuring our premium indicator, the scale has three displays, for weight, height and BMI. BMI is calculated by entering the patient’s height, which can be easily done using the full numeric keypad.

A sensible, comfortable design was at the forefront of the M-200's construction. It has hinged armrests and footrests for patient comfort and easy patient transfer, and a comfortable one-piece seat. It also has two rear brake wheels and fixed wheels at the front. An optional seat belt is also available.

The scale has optional Bluetooth connectivity for sending patient weight data to your central database, and an optional printer is also available.

  • Premium, high capacity scale ideal for use in hospitals and care homes
  • Wide seat to accomodate plus size patients
  • Extra capacity and space for convenience
  • Accurate and ideal for weighing patients of all sizes
  • Hinged arm and foot rests for patient and user ease
RRP £950.00
Price £850.00
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Marsden M-225 Low Cost Chair Scale


The Marsden M-225 is an entry level Class III Approved chair scale. With a 250kg capacity and accuracy to 100g it is perfect for hospitals and care homes, and has all the essential basic functions required for accurate weighing of patients.

The M-225’s portability makes it a convenient scale for hospitals, GP practices and care homes. An affordable solution for all general medical and surgical wards, the 250kg capacity means it is suitable for weighing most patients with restricted mobility. This portable chair scale lets you take the scale directly to the patient instead of needing to bring the patient to the scale. It also features a unique Body Surface Area (BSA) function.

  • Entry level, Class III Approved chair scale
  • Ideal for use in hospitals and care homes
  • BMI and BSA calculation as standard
  • Adjustable armrests and footrests
  • 250kg capacity and accurate to 100g
RRP £700.00
Price £600.00
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Marsden M-250 Stand Assist Chair Scale


The M-250 is a Class III Approved medical chair scale with a lifting seat. This means less effort is required when getting a patient into, and out of, the chair. The M-250 helps reduce the effort required by staff and in most cases only one member of staff will be required whereas it is usally two members of staff. The capacity is 250kg.

A small handheld remote control is used to lift and lower the seat base. The movement of the ergonomically-designed seat is slow and smooth to ensure ultimate comfort for the patient. Once the seat is at its lowest position, with the patient seated, an accurate weight reading will be displayed on the indicator. The remote control can then be used to raise the seat, helping the patient up to standing position.

RRP £1,390.00
Price £1,095.00
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