Mefix Dressing 10m x 5cm

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Mefix Dressing 10m x 5cm
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Mefix is the ideal fixation for dressings, swabs, catheters, and tubes. It provides secure fixation and the adhesive is gentle to the skin. The porous structure of the nonwoven fabric ensures air and water vapour permeability.

The fabric is flexible, conforms well to body contours, and allows body movements when in place. The fabric is non-absorbent and provides a barrier for blood and fluid strikethrough.

The water-based polyacrylate adhesive has been designed to be gentle to the skin and at the same time provide secure fixation. The easy-to-remove protection paper is pre-measured in 10cm intervals, and has a perforated split for easy removal and application. Mefix can easily be cut to the desired shape and size.

Mefix come in 5cm width and is 10 Meter in length rolls.

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Please note: Product brand may vary from illustration


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