Nail Cutter Straight 13cm (Pack of 2)

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Nail Cutter Straight 13cm (Pack of 2)
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G/Nail Cutter Straight 125mmSS

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Single Fitted Smart Sheet FR Polyester (Bottom Sheet) - Green


The MIP patented Smart Sheet is a knitted sheet with multi-directional stretch which, unlike conventional woven sheets, means that this one sheet will fit the vast majority of healthcare mattresses, ranging from standard profiling beds to beds with dynamic airflow/pressure reduction mattresses.

Within the UK, Smart Sheets are being used on over 85,000 healthcare beds. Compatible with Dynamic Mattresses. 

  • Available in Blue, Cream, Green, Peach, Pink, White and Yellow
  • Fire-Retardant
  • 100% Polyester
  • Smart Sheet Brochure


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Price £9.90
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