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Prometheus Board Game
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Prometheus, the new strategy game that is a favourite at Number 10 can help reduce cognitive decline

There is growing evidence of a link between regular participation in mental or intellectual activities and a reduced risk of cognitive decline. One of the best activities to exercise the mind is playing memory board games — or even better playing games that involve logic and strategy.

There is a new game on the block, Prometheus that is perfect for older people who want to keep their brains active, as it is easier and quicker to play than chess but highly infectious and engaging. The Prometheus Strategy Game, is invented by Former Head of Maths Christopher Curtis. Since launching it has received instant popularity in schools in countries across the globe and at Number 10 Downing Street. The game was gifted to Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was recovering from Covid and was accepted with great enthusiasm as ‘a gift for the nation’.

Prometheus, translated in Greek mythology as ‘forethought’ is based on the number of corners or vertices of dynamic play pieces and is easy to learn and fun to play for all the family. No two games are the same and games last for around fifteen or twenty minutes – much shorter than many games of chess.

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