Slippy Heel Protectors in Lambswool (Pair)

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Slippy Heel Protectors in Lambswool (Pair)
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The Thorpe Mill Slippy Heel Protectors with Lambswool  are designed to prevent shear force and friction causing pressure sores to open up during the night. They are easy to apply and feature a soft and comfortable wool interior that allows the foot to come into contact with your mattress, duvet or blanket without pain or discomfort arising.

These Heel Protectors feature a "slippy" nylon outer material layer that doesn't catch or snag when it comes into contact with other fabric. This makes them the better choice for use during the night, when you cannot control the placement or movement of your foot.

Slippy Heel Protectors feature a Velcro attachment which fits across the front of the ankle, allowing you to adjust the fit and feel of your protectors as you see fit. They are supplied in a single "one-size-fits-most" design that should fit most adult users.

The Slippy Heel Protectors run approximately 10cm up the ankle from the base of the heel.

  • Designed to prevent shear force and friction opening up pressure sores during the night
  • Our most popular pressure relief solution for the feet
  • Comfortable and durable design is soft and kind to fragile skin
  • Adjustable straps allow you to personalise fit and feel
  • Supplied in a pair for maximum comfort and benefit