Suprem-Fit Large Diapers - Super Plus (4 x 22)

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Suprem-Fit Large Diapers - Super Plus (4 x 22)

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22 diapers per pack / Price per 4 packs

Lille SUPREM fit is an all-in-one product with adhesive tabs, suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. This pad is designed for people who have heavy incontinence or who have lost part of their independence.

The all-in-one Lille SUPREM fit is also especially suitable for faecal incontinence. It also ensures comfort and protection thanks to its repositionable adhesive tabs. A wetness indicator allows you to check the saturation level of the product and indicates when you need to change it.

These products are 100% breathable and hypoallergenic for improved skin protection.

It is not necessary to open the pad to check the saturation of the product. In fact, the Lille SUPREM products have a wetness indicator. This enables you, from the outside, to check if the pad needs to be changed. The yellow line turns blue as the product becomes more saturated, until the blue line disappears.

Hip Size 105 x 150cm / 41 x 59''
ISO Absorbency (ml) 2950ml
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DIA7411 £65.50 £54.00
Lille Suprem-Fit Diapers Extra Large - Extra Plus (20 x 4) [LSFT7411] Item eligible for vat exemption
DIA7421 £60.00 £52.75
Suprem-Fit Diapers Extra Large - Maxi (3 x 20)
DIA7321 £71.00 £60.00
Suprem-Fit Large Diapers - Extra Plus (4 x 24) LSFT7321 Item eligible for vat exemption
DIA7341 £68.45 £59.00
Suprem-Fit Large Diapers - Maxi (4 x 20) Item eligible for vat exemption
DIA7311 £74.00 £61.00
Suprem-Fit Large Diapers - Regular Plus (26 x 4) [LSFT7311] Item eligible for vat exemption
DIA7221 £66.75 £54.50
Suprem-Fit Medium Diapers - Extra Plus (4 x 24) LSFT7221 Item eligible for vat exemption
DIA7121 £60.00 £48.00
Suprem-Fit Small Diapers - Maxi (4 x 20) [LSFT7121] Item eligible for vat exemption
Item eligible for vat exemption.
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