Wipe Clean V - Shape Pillow

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Wipe Clean V - Shape Pillow
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In care home and nursing environments, carers can spend long stretches of the day washing and cleaning their patient's bedding if it isn't protected from fluids, spills and wear and tear. The The Thorpe Mill Wipe Clean V - Shape Pillow is designed for use in care or nursing homes, requiring only a simple wipe down and a mild detergent to be cleaned.

The Thorpe Mill Wipe Clean V - Shape Pillow is fantastic for supporting back and shoulders, while reading, resting, watching TV or using  ipad. It is a great body support and perfect for elevating the upper body (which can help with respiratory problems and acid reflux). Supports head and neck in bed or adds extra support in a chair.

Ideal for; post-op surgery, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder comfort, pregnancy, sleeping sitting up, sleep in chair, under legs in bed to stop slipping down, nursing mums, side sleepers, arthritis and vertigo.

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Flame Retardant V Pillowcase (White)
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V - Shape Pillow with F.R. Royal Blue Cotton Cover
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Wipe Clean Batwing Pillow Item eligible for vat exemption
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MRSA Resistant Wipe Clean Standard Pillow with P.U. Cover (PWP1/HD)


MIP MRSA Resistant Wipe Clean Standard Pillow is fluid proof latex free and breathable, comes with an impermeable cover and resilient polyester inner fill.

By having a simple, wipe clean surface, these pillows and duvets require no laundering whilst being comfortable, hygienic and economical. Flame Retardant to British Standard BS 7175.

  • Premium quality, waterproof FR Bed Protection
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Within the UK, Smart Sheets are being used on over 85,000 healthcare beds. Compatible with Dynamic Mattresses. 

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