Wireless WetSense Chair Alertamat with Transmitter

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Wireless WetSense Chair Alertamat with Transmitter
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These products are designed as a monitor alerting the staff to user enuresis. They do not monitor a user leaving the bed or chair.

The Alerta Wireless WetSense Chair Alertamat is designed to inform caregivers when enuresis needs to be addressed. Alerta WetSense mats can be used under a cushion on a chair to wirelessly activate the alarm/nursecall system when wetness is detected. This alerts the caregiver to take appropriate action and ensure a confortable resolution to the individual's needs.

The Wireless WetSense Alertamats can be connected to a nursecall system for centralised activation, or used on their own, independent of a nursecall system to give localised alerts.

Wall point receiver is required with this product - click here

- Wireless connect-and-play system

- No cables, extra safe and versatile

- Dimensions: 25 x 38cm (10 x 15")

- 95m wireless range from transmitter to receiver

- System includes: 1x WetSense Chair Alertamat and 1x Alerta Wireless Transmitter (must be used with Alerta Wall Point Receiver - sold separately) 

These mats have a 3 month warranty due to the nature of the substance they are expected to be in regular contact with. The WetSense Alertamats can be replaced on their own and the Alerta Wireless Transmitter and Alerta Wall Point Receiver be reused with a replacement mat. 

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Wireless WetSense Bed Alertamat with Transmitter