9cm Furniture Raisers (4)

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9cm Furniture Raisers (4)
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The Furniture Raisers are an ideal way to raise a chair, table or bed, to a convenient height in order to facilitate sitting and standing. They are installed simply, by just lifting each leg of the chair and sliding the raiser in place.

With a large diameter recess and anti-slip foam pads, the furniture legs sit in the top without the chance of sliding off. The extra wide base and narrower top increases the stability of the risers and reduces the chance of them tipping.

  • Large diameter recess


  • Anti-slip foam pads in the recess


  • The maximum load of the raisers is 400kg (63 stone) with the weight distributed over all four raisers. The maximum load for each individual raiser is 100kg (16 stone)


  • Suitable for legs between 1.6cm (5/8") and 9cm (3.5") diameter

1 year
400kg (63st)

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Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (BLUE) - Stereo - Wired


The Wired Deluxe Alertamat is a robust long-life luxury carpet Alertamat; the world's first and only genuine carpeted Alertamat. Available in 5 colours to suit an existing colour scheme, the Wired Deluxe Alertamat provides a more refined touch for the care environment.

The Wired Deluxe Alertamat is most effective when placed at the bedside or doorway; activating the alarm when a user leaves their safe zone by stepping on the mat. This alerts the caregiver to ascertain the user’s safety. Selecting a colour that blends with the existing flooring makes it an ideal solution for situations where a dementia user may try to avoid the mat.

The Wired Deluxe Alertamat can be connected to a nurse call system with a 3 metre cable provided for centralised activation, or used on its own, independent of a nurse call system to give localised alerts through the Alerta Alarm Monitor (sold separately).

The Wired Deluxe Alertamat comes with a unique built-in “Y” cable, providing a spare socket for other Alerta devices to be connected – using only one nurse call point.

  • Plug-and-play system
  • Genuine non-slip base
  • Luxury carpet finish
  • Choice of 5 colours
  • Long lasting welded seals and strong wiring
  • Large size avoids chance of overstepping
  • Dementia friendly
  • Connect to nurse call system or stand-alone alarm monitor
  • Breakaway cable to reduce trip hazard and prevent damage
  • Dimensions: 60 x 90cm (23.5 x 35.5")
  • System includes: 1x Deluxe Alertamat and 1x 3 metre cable
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Connects to your Nurse Call System!
Picture of Chair Alertamat System - Double Ring Plug (STEREO)

Chair Alertamat System - Double Ring Plug (STEREO)


The Wired Chair Alertamat is most effective when concealed under the chair cushion; activating the alarm when a user leaves their chair. This alerts the caregiver to ascertain the user’s safety. The alarm is reset automatically when the user returns to the chair.

The Wired Chair Alertamat can be connected to a nurse call system with a 2 metre cable provided for centralised activation, or used on its own, independent of a nurse call system to give localised alerts through the Alerta Alarm Monitor (supplied as part of the system).

Key Features & Benefits

  • Plug-and-play system
  • Hygienic, antibacterial easy-clean material
  • Dimensions: 25 x 38cm (10 x 15")
  • System includes: 1x Chair Alertamat, 1x Alerta Alarm Monitor and 1x 2 metre cable

Alerta Alarm Monitor

  • High, low and silent volume control
  • Multiple choice alarm tone
  • Adjustable delay to reduce false alarms
  • Low battery alert
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Takes 1x 9v battery
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Price £110.00
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Bendable Cutlery Set of 4 (Teaspoon, Spoon, Knife, Fork) - RED


This Four Piece Red Bendable Cutlery Set provides high-contrast, making it the perfect dining aid for anyone living with dementia or visual impairment. The vivid colour of the handles makes it easier to distinguish the gripping section of the utensil and differentiate between food and cutlery.

The spoons and forks in this range of cutlery feature a twist in the metal shaft to allow them to be bent to the desired angle. The utensils can be bent to either the right or left to the position that suits you best. This allows you to customise the angle of the cutlery to fit your exact needs. The knife in the set has a curved rocker blade to allow you to easily cut food with minimal effort, making the Four Piece Red Bendable Cutlery Set the perfect mobility aid for individuals who have mobility problems or difficulty with their hands, such as arthritis.

The Four Piece Red Bendable Cutlery Set features comfortable built-up ribbed rubber handles that provide an improved grip. These adapted utensils make mealtimes easier and less-stressful for those with limited dexterity as well as being a useful kitchen and dining aid for visually impaired users or those with dementia.

The Four Piece Red Bendabable Cutlery Set can be purchased as a full set, which includes one rocker knife, one fork, one dessert spoon and one teaspoon, or each item can be bought individually.

RRP £35.00
Price £17.50
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