Invacare Propad Revolve V Cushion with Blue wipedown cover 17 x 17"

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Invacare Propad Revolve V Cushion with Blue wipedown cover 17 x 17"

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The Propad Revolve V gently moulds to the individuals shape, providing excellent comfort and pressure redistributing properties. It combines an outer layer of durable moulded high resilient foam with a viscoelastic foam inner layer - all in a lightweight package.

The Propad Revolve by Invacare allows for omni-directional use, making it a versatile and efficient cushion with a design that allows it to be used any way up and any way round - top, bottom, back and front. This unique feature offers increased flexibility and saves time on seating preparation, particularly in care home environments.

  • Maximum user weight: 30 stone (190kg)


  • Maximum cleaning temperature: 80°C


  • Material: Foam, Visco


  • Thickness: 7.5cm


  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Lightweight, comfortable foam: gently moulds to patient shape, providing excellent comfort and pressure redistributing properties


  • Visco elastic insert: provides excellent immersion


  • One-piece moulded design: facilitating self transfers


  • Protected cushion: protection with multi stretch water-resistant cover, with optional platilon liner


  • High-resilience: durable, high resilience foam that can be used any way up, any way round


  • Visco-elastic inner layer: combines outer-layer of durable moulded high-resilience foam with a visco-elastic foam inner layer, all in a lightweight package


  • Angled base design: ensures seamless transition while the visco layer provides high level immersion, pressure distribution and stabilisation.

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Invacare Propad Revolve V Cushion with Blue wipedown cover 16 x 16" Item eligible for vat exemption
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Item eligible for VAT exemption.
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