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Freeway M205 Mobile Hoist


The Freeway M205 Mobile Hoist was specifically designed in collaboration with clients and caregivers to provide the highest quality solution to lifting and handling requirements. With a lifting capacity of 205kg and a compact and ergonomic design, the Freeway M205 Mobile Hoist is ideal for use in community or nursing settings.

The Freeway M205 Mobile Hoist has powered leg opening, which allows the hoist to be properly positioned for a stable and safer lift while allowing access around chairs and beds.

RRP £1,363.64
Price £990.00
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Freeway S180E Mobile Hoist


The Freeway S180E is a mobile hoist that can support the safe transfer of elderly or disabled people with limited mobility.

This user-friendly hoist reduces the risk and strain to caregivers and can be used by one person as part of a single-handed care routine. The hoist's design provides the patient with full dignity and wellbeing and is suitable for professional and homecare environments. A considerable benefit of a mobile hoist is that a single unit can care for multiple patients living in different rooms.

This robust unit is suitable for everyday use with an impressive 180kg (28 stone 4lb) lifting capacity, powered leg opening, and market-leading Linak® actuators and motors. It has all the essential functions required to transfer a person safely. 

RRP £1,104.60
Price £799.00
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Freeway T80 Reclining Shower Chair (440mm / 17" Wide)


The Freeway T80 shower chair can support users with limited mobility. The T80 features two high-quality stainless-steel gas struts, and the tilt action is easy and light to operate. It can recline up to 40° through infinite positions, and a wide range of positioning accessories are available.

The seat, armrests and backrest are covered in hard-wearing, flame-retardant material, which can be easily wiped clean to ensure a hygienic care environment. An antimicrobial and antibacterial coating protects the chair.

It is resistant to the hospital superbug MRSA, E. coli, salmonella and listeria, providing a durable and hygienic option for toileting and bathing.

RRP £1,457.96
Price £1,249.70
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Freeway T80 Reclining Shower Chair (490mm / 19" Wide)


The Freeway T80 Shower Chair is highly versatile and the reclined position has significant advantages for increasing comfort and relieving pressure for a wide range of conditions, including: Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal injuries, Motor Neurone Disease, Stroke & Other neurological conditions and Cerebral Palsy.

  • This chair reclines through an infinite number of positions up to 45 degrees and is easy to operate.
  • The T80 is available in self-propelled versions with a choice of reclines and comes with a wide range of positioning accessories.
  • Featuring two high quality stainless steel gas struts, the tilt action is easy and light to operate.
  • Available as assistant-propelled or self-propelled
  • 1 year warranty
  • 490mm width
RRP £1,457.96
Price £1,249.70
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