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Swift UltraSlide System

• The Swift® UltraSlide System is a cost-effectice, low-friction repositioning system intended to allow caregivers to safely and easily perform handling tasks with little physical strain

• The UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet is designed using our Smart Sheet design with a low-friction panel down the centre, to be used together with the Swift® Slider

• UltraSlide® should be used when patients/residents have little or no mobility and require extensive or total assistance for repositioning in bed

• When used in conjunction with the Swift® Slider, the low-friction, breathable backing allows staff to safely reposition patients/residents whilst avoiding heat build up under the patient/resident

• Please see links below for instructional videos on how to use the Swift® Ultraslide System:

Swift® Ultraslide System Instructional Video

Swift® Ultraslide System Usage Guidelines


Need more information? Click here to view the Swift Brochure!

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PTD-56/BA/Y/UK Swift Slider - Full Length Slider Sheet (200cm x 183cm) £39.99 £30.00
PTD-56/HUK Swift Slider - Standard Length Slider Sheet (127cm x 183cm) £40.00 £34.00
PTD-LS/S UltraSlide Bottom Sheet £40.00 £35.00
PTD-LS/S/BA1/Y UltraSlide Bottom Sheet (Bariatric) £55.00 £45.00