Alerta Powerlifter Maxi 175 Hoist

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Alerta Powerlifter Maxi 175 Hoist

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The Alerta Powerlifter Maxi 175 is a transfer hoist for handling and transferring users, suitable for users up to 175kg. Alerta Powerlifter hoists are designed to be used in hospital, nursing and home care environments.

They provide security, functionality and outstanding reliability; easy to operate, easy to move and incorporate anti-entrapment techniques. The Alerta Powerlifter hoists also give users a very restful and calming lift experience with a thermoplastic rubber coated, anti-swing spreader bar.

The wide range of features make the Alerta Powerlifter hoists a highly versatile and cost-effective solution which has been manufactured to comply with the most stringent quality and in-use guidelines.

  • TiMotion control system with emerency stop button


  • Sound/light alarm battery level


  • Operate hoist from handset or top of control box


  • Spreader bar with 360o rotation and anti-swing


  • Braked rear castors


  • Disassembles into two parts

  • Width: 630mm (25")


  • Length: 1360mm (53.5")


  • Safe workload 175kg (27st)


  • Lift height: 450 - 1590mm (18 - 62.5")

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SR2810200-UK £1,879.00 £750.00
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ALT-PL150 £725.00 £725.00
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Item eligible for VAT exemption.
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