Fire Evacuation Sheet - 185cm x 85cm

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Fire Evacuation Sheet - 185cm x 85cm

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Please note: These sheets are not suitable for active mattresses (air mattress). If you require an evacuation sheet for an active mattress, please see the Evacuation Sheet for Active Mattress (Air Mattress).

Thorpe Mill's emergency evacuation sheet fixes permanently to the underside of a flexible foam mattress, by the strong elastics located on the corners of the sheet.

When used in an emergency, the mattress itself becomes an emergency sledge, easily allowing two individuals to evacuate a patient through doorways and down stairs to exit the building.

Due to the lifesaving nature of these devices, it is recommended that a separate evacuation sheet is used for drills and training purposes. This will ensure that the sheet used in an emergency has been exposed to minimal wear and tear.

  • Enables transferring of patient in case of emergency evacuation


  • Maximum carrying weight 2600kg


  • Tested to a breaking strength of 26.5kN/2.6 tonnes


  • Sheets can be laundered


  • Fitted with 2 fastening straps to keep the patient secure during transit


  • Fastening straps stored in built-in pockets


  • Safety belts hold patient firmly in place during evacuation


  • Only two people required for evacuation


  • Universal design will suit all single beds


  • Dimensions – 2000 x 900mm


  • Manufactured in the UK

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Picture of Fire Evacuation Sledge - EV120

Fire Evacuation Sledge - EV120


The Alerta Evacuation Sledge is used for transporting a user to safety during an evacuation. The user is placed on the sledge, secured with the chest and leg straps and pulled to safety using the straps at each end.

The flexible sledge and slippery underneath will allow controlled and easy access through doorways and down stairs.

The Alerta Evacuation Sledge is supplied in a wall mountable zip bag for easy storage and immediate accessibility in emergency.

2 person evacuation.

  • Dimensions (unfolded): 190 x 60 x 6cm
  • 1x sledge and 1x zip storage bag
  • Folds into three
  • Foot pouch included
  • Max user weight: 350kg
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Air Mattress Fire Evacuation Sheet (red) AEVS


The Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is fitted under an alternating air mattress on a permanent basis so it is there whenever an emergency may arise. In the event that an evacuation of the building takes place, the sheet enables the whole mattress to be turned into an evacuation sledge.

The Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is similar to the Evacuation Sheet but instead of a general anti-pressure mattress, it is designed to be used with an alternating air mattress. The air mattress evacuation sheet has eight different outlets to ensure the correct tubing can still be connected to the mattress.

The evacuation sheet is attached to the underneath of the mattress and can remain there at all times, ensuring it is ready for immediate use in the event of an emergency. Large pockets with elasticated corners ensure the evacuation sheet fits most depths of mattress.

In the event of an emergency, the sheet turns the entire mattress into an evacuation sledge. The following features ensure the patient's safety when in use:

  • Securing straps to hold the patient in place
  • An elongated foot pocket to hold the user's feet in place.
  • You need two people to operate the device.
  • In order to safely clean your Evacuation Sheet, either machine wash at a temperature not exceeding 60°C or simply wash down with anti-bacterial wipes.
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