Long Handled Dustpan and Brush - YELLOW

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Long Handled Dustpan and Brush - YELLOW
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Long handled dust pan & brush set removes the need to bend down when collecting debris and reduces the risk of potential back strain. Features cover to prevent contents falling out.

Broom handle is complete with a bracket to keep attached to the dustpan to ensure it doesn’t fall over. Reducing a trip hazard and allowing safe, tidy storage

  • Efficient at picking up waste
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Avoid bending
Colour Key- RED: Washrooms & ToiletYELLOW: Food & Serving PreparationGREEN: Raw Food PreparationBLUE: Low Risk Basic Cleaning
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Long Handled Dustpan and Brush - BLUE
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Long Handled Dustpan and Brush - GREEN
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Long Handled Dustpan and Brush - RED
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