Sol-Care Safety Needle 21g x 1.5" - Green (100)

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Sol-Care Safety Needle 21g x 1.5" - Green (100)
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SOL-CARE safety hypodermic needle is a sharp effective needle with the added benefit of an integrated safety device designed to minimise the risk of accidental needlestick injuries.

The SOL-CARE safety hypodermic needle has a protective sheath with a flexible hinge that allows it to be folded back against the syringe for maximum visualisation of the needle bevel and injection site. The safety mechanism is a ball and socket joint that audibly clicks into position when the safety device is engaged.
The protective safety sheath correlates with the length of the needle in order to optimise visualisation of the needle bevel.

SOL-CARE safety hypodermic needle has a standard luer hub that is compatible with both luer lock and luer slip syringes and a bevel up oriented needle that allows for low angle injections.

Protective sheaths are fully colour coded to reflect the needle gauge size allowing for ease of identification.

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