Stainless Steel 7" Sharp/Blunt Straight Scissors (Pack of 5)

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Stainless Steel 7" Sharp/Blunt Straight Scissors (Pack of 5)
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Universal Disposable Sci. S/B

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Emergency Thermal (Foil) Blanket (204cm x 140cm)


Ideal for retaining body heat in cold conditions and prevent/treat hypothermia.

Can be used to keep injured or shocked patients warm, or after rigorous sports like marathons to prevent body heat from escaping. Can also be used in keeping the body cool by reflecting sunlight. Ideal for all sizes.

  • 204cm x 140cm


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Medium Spout Lid


Long Life Re-usable Drinking Beaker for use in Nursing, Rehabilitation, Elderly Care, and Community Care.

  • Lightweight, strong and durable.
  • Lid compatible with BS-BEA001 and BS-BEA002 drinking cups.
  • Cups must be ordered separately.
  • Can be used for hot and cold liquids. Includes a vent hole which helps in cooling hot drinks and controls liquid flow
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