VernaGel Super Absorbent Powder Sachets (6g x 100)

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VernaGel Super Absorbent Powder Sachets (6g x 100)
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Vernagel is a super absorbent powder which prevents spillages and leaks by solidifying liquids, trapping them in a dry, semi solid gel that is convenient and easy to dispose of.

Vernagel solidifies bodily fluids, this prevents any spillages particularly when the bedpan or bottle is taken from the patient, reducing cross infection. With Vernagel solidifying liquids, this eliminates spillages and splash backs thus increasing patient confidence and protecting the dignity of your patient through the night.

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BioSafe Body Fluid Clean-Up Pack - Refill
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Body Fluid Spillage Kit (5 Application Pack) **
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Clinell Spill Wipe
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Single Fitted Smart Sheet Poly-Cotton NON-FR (Bottom Sheet) - Cream

Non-Fire Retardant. 30% Polyester 70% Cotton. Colour: Cream. Single Bed 

The Single Fitted Smart Sheet is a Knitted Sheet with multi-directional stretch which, unlike conventional woven sheets, means that this one sheet will fit the vast majority of healthcare mattresses, ranging from standard profiling beds to beds with dynamic airflow/pressure reduction mattresses.

Smart Sheets are constructed from a unique knitted fabric which is much softer than conventional woven sheets.

  • Money Saving - a care home can save up to 30% on total laundry costs
  • Time Saving - requires no ironing and only 1 person needed to make the bed
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Double Bed Sheets available on request - call us on 020 8236 0060

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Revive Aid Resuscitation Aid - Each

Blue Dot Revive-Aid comes complete with a one way valve and assists in minimising the risk of cross infection when administering mouth to mouth.

1. Place the plastic sheet 31 × 21cm over the casualties face with the airway valve over the open mouth

2. Blow strongly through the valve to inflate the casualties lungs the shield and one way valve give you protection

  • For use in giving life saving artificial respiration in all conditions, whilst providing a hygienic barrier
  • Latex Free
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Handi VINYL PF Gloves / MEDIUM (100)

100 gloves per box / 10 boxes per case

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves are an excellent alternative to latex gloves for those who are sensitive or allergic to latex.The Powder free design eliminates powder related contamination, whilst the soft feel reduces hand fatigue even after long hours of wearing these gloves.

  • Conform to EN455 medical glove standard, AQL 1.5 medical grade.


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