Washable Deluxe Handling Belts - Extra-Large (134cm-152cm) - Blue

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Washable Deluxe Handling Belts - Extra-Large (134cm-152cm) - Blue
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Size: Extra-Large 134cm x 152cm Colour: Blue

Our comfortable and supportive Essential Handling Belt allows caregivers to help patients on the move.

This supportive transfer belt allows a carer to help their patient stand, sit, walk and perform sitting transfers so they can regain their independence. Patients should always feel secure during transfers, which is why this handling belt is designed for ultra-comfortable wear and protection. Carers can simply place the belt around the patient’s waist, adjust to fit and buckle to secure.

Breathable, soft, anti-slip inner lining to shaped webbing handles. The ergonomic, angled handles enable the caregiver to hold the client/patient close without having to hold onto the patient’s clothes, upholding the patient’s dignity. The handles also help carers to maintain a safe posture as they assist patients.

  • Soft, breathable inner fabric for patient comfort
  • Anti-slip lining to uphold patient security
  • Shaped handles designed for all hand sizes to ensure carer comfort
  • Handle position can be altered upon request to improve carer comfort
  • Washable at 71°C to reduce the risk of infection and uphold cleanliness
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • FIM Independence Level: 5–4
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Resuable Medium Tubular Slide Sheet (115cm x 85cm)


The MIP Tubular Turning Slide Sheets are made from a Transtex, a specially developed fabric that is silicone coated on both sides to provide a slick, low friction finish for easy patient movement and turning. The durable fabric is suitable for hospital laundering using standard hospital laundry guidelines HSG(95)18.

  •  Slide sheets are not intended for lifting, and all patient manoeuvers should be accomplished without lifting.
  • Tubular Slide Sheets are formed by sewing the fabric into a continuous tube with a double sewn low profile seam that reduces potential tissue viability issues whilst adding strength and durability.
  • A web hanging loop is provided to allow the tube to be kept with the patient at all times.

For all repositioning and manual handling solutions it is recommended to seek advice / approval from a manual handling expert.

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