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Deluxe Carpeted Floor Sensor Mat

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Available in four colours to blend with an existing room theme, the Deluxe Floor Sensor Mat provides a distinguished look for the care environment and is an ideal solution for situations where a dementia resident would otherwise avoid the mat.

The Deluxe Floor Sensor Mat is most effective when placed at the bedside or doorway to proactively give the care giver advanced warning of any patient at risk of falling, if they attempt to leave their bed or wander from their room. When the patient stands on the Deluxe Floor Sensor Mat it will activate the nurse call system prompting the care giver to ascertain the patient's safety.

The Deluxe Floor Sensor Mat has a unique feature - an additional 6" lead which allows other Alerta accessories to be connected - using only one nurse call point.  This feature provides care givers with more flexibility and choice when forming an individual 'Fall Prevention Programme' for a patient.


  • Plug-and-play
  • Luxury carpet finish
  • Long lasting welded seals and strong wiring
  • Large size avoids chances of overstepping
  • Connect to nurse call point or standalone alarm monitor (standalone alarm monitor is an optional extra)
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 90cm


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DAM-BLUE-D Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (BLUE) - Stereo £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
DAM-BLUE-S Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (BLUE) - Mono £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
DAM-GREY-D Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (GREY) - Stereo £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
DAM-GREY-S Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (GREY) - Mono £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
DAM-RED-D Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (RED) - Stereo £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
DAM-RED-S Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (RED) - Mono £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
DAM-RUST-D Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (RUST) - Stereo £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
DAM-RUST-S Deluxe Carpeted Alertamat (RUST) - Mono £117.50 £100.00 £90.00
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